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Lighting & Grip Equipment

With offices in both Portland and Seattle, we offer the largest/latest selection of lighting and grip equipment in the Northwest. Our knowledgeable employees with a passion for customer service are here to answer questions, work with you to maintain your budget and make sure you have the most successful shoot possible.


Leds, HMI's, Tungsten, and Florescent Fixtures- Arri, LiteGear, K5600, KinoFlo & Many More.

Power & Distribution

Distro Boxes, Spyder Boxes, Dimmers, Cable & More- AC Power, Lex, Ratpac's To Name A Few.


Stands, Rags, Flags, Car Mounts, & A Huge Assortment Of Equipment- American, Matthews, Modern, Norms, Canvas Grip & Several Others.

Dollies & Jibs

Track Dollies All The Way Up To Hydraulic Arm Dollies- Fisher, Matthews, Los Mandy & Others.

Productions Supplies

Tables, Chairs, Pop-Up Tents, Wardrobe Racks Are A Few Examples.

Specialty Equipment

Foggers, Hazers, Fans, & Magic Gadgets- Oh My!


At Pacific Grip & Lighting we understand that every job is unique and having the right size lighting and grip package is essential to every successful shoot. Whether you are doing small or large scale productions, we have many different options to facilitate your needs. Prepackaged grip trucks and a`la carte lighting packages available.

Tractors & 48' Trailers

Electric & Grip Trailers Available.


If you're filming outdoors, chances are you'll need power from a generator. No matter the location or the size of your project, we have a selection of generators that will suite your power needs - from 2kw putt-putts to tractor mounted plants and all the sizes in between.

Tractor Mounted Plant

- Studio Quiet

1600Amp Tow Plant

- Studio Quiet

1400Amp Tow Plant

- Studio Quiet

500Amp Tow Plant

- Studio Quiet


Honda Generator

2kw & 3kw

Honda Generators

Pacific Grip & Lighting

Pacific Grip & Lighting