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As we move into winter (aw, stop yer crying), don't forget to prepare for colder, wetter days on set.  Pacific Grip & Lighting stocks Setwear brand gloves to keep you warm and dry!  Setwear offers two different options, depending on your need.  The Setwear Cold Weather gloves have 100% Thinsulate lining, meaning they are not so bulky you can't do finite tasks, and a reinforced palm and fingers, meaning they will stick it out through the winter, if you can.  Setwear also offers their Water Ops line of gloves.  The Ultra Grip Palm and fingers means that as you toil in the muck and rain of Oregon, cable won't turn into spaghetti, slipping through your hands.   Bonus?  Both gloves are machine washable. 

  Setwear offers a full line of gloves, bags and belts.  The Portland store is currently offering 10% off of the EZ Fit and EZ Fit 2 line of gloves (in stock items only) through the end of November.  Stop in to our heated showroom and try a pair on!

Pacific Grip & Lighting

Pacific Grip & Lighting