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Look what just showed up today. That’s right 2 Kino Flo Celeb 400’s.

The Celeb 400 DMX LED is one of the largest LED soft lights available in the market today measuring 45″ x 14″
(114.5cm x 36cm). Similar in size to the award-winning 4ft 4Bank, the Celeb produces a soft, broad wraparound light quality
(CRI 95) and produces color faithfully, beautifully on HD or film, in the studio or on location.

The Celeb boasts technical innovations: dial-in white light from 2700 to 5500 Kelvin and presets with programmable settings;
full range dimming without flicker or color shift. Light levels do not change when selecting Kelvin settings.

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New sprinters

Look what we’re building this week! Thats right two brand spanking new sprinters.

Now Available 18k Arrimax W/ Maxmover


The original Academy Award-winning ARRIMAX remains the ultimate choice for productions requiring maximum light output. The 580 mm (22.83”) diameter, parabolic facetted reflector provides continuous focus adjustment from 15° to 50° beam angle and, since the ARRIMAX does not require a set of spread lenses, shadows are sharp and easily cut.

18,000W Single Ended lamps use a sturdier GX51 lamp base for which ARRI engineers have designed a special lampholder. This new lampholder alleviates mechanical stress from the lamp pins, which now serve only as an electrical connection. The lamp clamping mechanism is self-aligning and uses a rugged, recessed lamp lock handle. To ensure that crews can easily use 12,000 W lamps or versions of 18 K Single Ended lamps with G38 bases, the new lampholder accepts either lamp type with no modification or adjustment required.


The ARRI MaxMover, a new automated stirrup, offers remote pan, tilt and focus for large lighting fixtures. Most large fixtures in our inventory can be fitted to the MaxMover and mounted on boom arms, tall platforms, or in hard-to-reach positions.

A unique snap-in mounting system allows fixtures up to 176 lbs to be converted quickly for remote operation. A variable width adjustment feature allow for a variety of fixtures to be adapted to the MaxMover quickly on location, such as: 6K or12K PARs, 18/12K HMI Fresnel, T12 and T24 Fresnel, the 12 Light Maxi. And the ARRIMAX, of course


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